For over 60 years Poljooprema Sarajevo d.d. has successfully supplied and cooperated with a large number of

Poljooprema also has a center for seed technology with equipment for seed processing and packing, a laboratory for seed quality testing, a service center for agricultural machinery and specialized warehouses for distribution of seeds, pesticides and other products. In addition the company also has a branch registered in Croatia as POLJOOPREMA Split.

As part of the companys facilities in Rajlovac, Sarajevo in 2007 the company opened their largest garden center, a specialized facility Euromax and a salon of agricultural machinery manufactured by the world renowned GOLDONI Italy.

In one place consumers can find everything they need for a garden, a house or a flat.

The company operates through three sectors:


  • The intermediate goods sector

  • The machinery sector

  • The retail sector

farms, agricultural cooperatives and businesses in the area of forestry, water management, mining and transportation.